100 things maggie wants

(in no particular order:)

1. do a southeast asia tour
2. bungee jumping
3. diving the tubattaha reef
4. buy the HP DV2000 series notebook
5. biking around europe
6. pilgrimage to india
7. get stoned in amsterdam
8. skinny dipping
9. bring entire family to a 5-day holiday in boracay
10. buy a mares nemo diving computer
11. climb a mountain
12. bake a chocolate cake
13. travel with grandma
14. weekend in greece
15. pass the CPA board exam
16. cook an authentic thai dish
17. learn photography
18. diving in micronesia
19. learn shiatsu/swedish massage
20. finish business graduate school
21. start a streetchildren foundation
22. learn salsa dancing
23. publish a book
24. beach wedding at sunset
25. sleep for 16 hours straight
26. skiing in switzerland
27. learn yoga
28. be debt-free
29. learn to let go
30. complete agatha christie’s works
31. own a black dress
32. send a sibling thru college
33. meet a “james bond” actor in person
34. see mantas and thresher sharks (with zsolt)
35. build a resthouse at the beach
36. own a car
37. witness autumn season
38. fall in love
39. write fluent spanish
40. make home-made pizza
41. be a certified scuba diver
42. spelunking
43. write poems
44. see snow
45. get really wasted
46. silver (25th) wedding
47. dance in the rain
48. travel alone
49. kissed under a full moon
50. see a turtle
51. play guitar
52. wear coloured contact lenses
53. sponsor a student
54. make love in italy
55. send parents to a second honeymoon
56. dive the great barrier reef
57. see sharks
58. acquire financial independence
59. learn to sleep in the dark60.
61. own a lego village set
62. learn how to swim swim like a pro
63. sky diving
64. spending a week at a {monk} monastery
65. riding an elephant
66. diving and snorkeling with whalesharks
67. do something really crazy and kept it as a secret
68. knit a swimsuit bikini
69. make love on the beach
70. decorate a real christmas tree
71. take and pass the CMA (certified management accountant) exam
72. get pregnant and have a kid
73. start an internet cafe business
74. have a secret hiding place
75. break a law
76. visit sydney
77. learn tango
78. learn how to ride a bike
79. a R&R in Maldives
80. white water rafting
81. new year with zsolt
82. kiss under a mistletoe
83. do a wildlife safari in Africa
84. explore Kathmundo with Zsolt
85. throw father a grand 50th birthday party
86. cuddle a lion cub
87. learn how to swim
88. explore 50 countries before i turn 50
89. mentor a future CFO


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