prelude to our beginnings

i used to co-author a blog maintained by a 24-year old guy who took heights and heights of sarcastic laughter by making fun of people(his greatest art work to date is the The Atrocities of Friendster volume).  our tandem was recognized blog of the month by a famous philippine blogs review site, but the credit (or discredit) goes mainly to him.  the traffic was caused by his wacky posts and his wackier perceived attitude. )i say perceived because he was (i do not know about the present) a nice guy outside it.  he was smart and he could write. 

my decision to withdraw from the blog was because as the site got popular, his posts got meaner, the controversies got ruder, and i – for the classic, subtle bitch that i am- suddenly felt i didn’t belong there anymore.  the fanatics were yelling for more meat, more insults, and more ridicules… none of which i can give.  and i was not about to put my glorified corporate executive career on the line by starting to bash strangers about how ugly they look in their pajamas or why their fathers or boyfriends would not have second thoughts hitting on me.

that seems too long ago now.  and i would have not mentioned this again if not for the fact that i have invited david to co-author this blog with me.  i know this would be different (obviously, if somebody has to do the bashing on this site, it wouldnt be made by the traditional english guy, he is too english to do anything of that sort) and after two hours of finalizing with him the formats and styles , i know this would be helluva fun.

here is to the world as we see it… in an urbanized traditional filipino spectacles and conventional english humour. 

do follow us to our growth.


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