Unconditional Love

I’ve never done this before. I’m too conventional, too straight laced (Rona will laugh reading that!). When I compose songs they come quickly and with fluidity, it’s like an organic process. But this, well this is different. Maybe it’s because it’s written in black and white and right in front my nose, that I feel I want to pick over ever word consider every phrase, tear it apart and start writing again. I just don’t know. I want to write in a stream of consciousness, letting my thoughts flow out, instead of dribbling across the WP in an impotent trickle. Well here goes unedited, unadulterated and most like likely babble… 

Unconditional love… Does such a thing exist between men and women, and those of the same sex? Or is it just a phrase used by obsessed pet owners who gaze lovingly at their rat like terrier as it stares back at them wide and dewed eyed just before it cocks its leg to pee? Humans adore their pets because supposedly they provide an endless supply of unconditional love, free of charge, gratis, no payback. They (the pet that is, although I have known a few interesting individuals masquerading as humans who would quite easily settle for this) merely require food, shelter, the occasional stroke and medium length walk (stick provided) to fulfil  their side of the bargain. I mean you can leave a dog with friends for days while you go and gallivant to your hearts content and return to find a wet nose, complete with glossy coat and lolling tongue ready to leap on you in a frenzy of licking and whimpering. Have you tried that with your significant other recently? I think not. I would be more than a little surprised if you received the same style of reaction! 

I digress. Unconditional love between two people in a romantic sense cannot exist can it? Surely we not only love the person for who they are but for what they give to us. They bring their love; its reciprocal, it’s a contract. Isn’t it?

“I accept who you are and love you unconditionally David.”  

Nobody else has declared that before. No one else will do again. She said it despite being wholly aware of my many faults, inconsistencies and self doubts.

It’s high time I took a liking to the occasional stroke, got myself a wet nose, and oh yes, take more medium length walks.

Don’t forget my stick please. 

January 2007


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