that unconventional trek to freedom

i do not usually comb my hair.  that is why in the few times that i do, people noticed it. 

i do not have a lot of hair and by that i meant the strands are very thin that the entire hair can be tied with even the smallest rubber band.  it was for the lack of thickness that i am least bothered with my uncombed hair even though some colleagues of mine have straightforwardly express that if they have a razor or a scissor, they would be honored to shave or cut it out. 

i wore my hair past shoulder length for years; i still do.  to maintain it shorter than that is to have strands and strands of it all over my head to my face and jeopardize a blossoming career in a snap.  i never dyed it and do not have plans to; jetblack is how i want it, and jetblack it already is.

this particular day, however, i sat down in front of a running fan and comb my hair for four minutes.  a minute would have been a treat for normal days, 35 seconds is always the bullseye number.  i was going nowhere special, i was just less lazy than i normally am. 

four minutes of brushing and people kept on noticing it even after seven hours.  they asked me if i went under a hair rebond process which could only indicate either two of these things (1) that previously my hair is too unkempt and messy or (2) that currently it looks like one of those that hair models have.

whichever of those two points it is, the four-minute brushing in front of a running fan created a seven-hour (and running) benefit. this, i have discovered a long time ago.

but why do i not spend four extra minutes everyday to do that?

because at 26, i got tired getting noticed by people who do not matter and those that matter noticed me whether or not i comb my hair three minutes and twenty five seconds longer.  because i spent most of my weekend at a diving island where a nicely-combed hair would be all wet and all over your head after sixty-one minutes of diving.  because i spent most of my weekdays facing a computer screen crunching numbers and influencing decision in the background and the condition of my hair is in no way influential to the type of efficiency i deliver at work.

because recently i found out it was the freedom from these nitty, gritty vanities that makes a woman free. 


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