the acting that won me mountains and mountains of jellyfish sting trophies

last weekend, zaida, who was taking her Padi rescue diver course, asked me if i could take part on the open water practicum as her victim. anything for a free dive, really, and so i conceded.

petri, her husband who was doing the course on her, briefed me on what i am about to do when we are underwater.  no sweat.  i am to pretend i am near to losing my air supply and in the process would panick, bang into hard corals and cut myself on the leg.  i did ask if i would pretend there’s a shark and in his finnish expression told me it might not be possible as we do not have a lot of people to help us in the production. oh well.

and so i did my act superbly.  in my horror-stricken face, i signaled to zaida (who really did not see it coming that i am going to make it really difficult for her) i ran out of air, moved maniacally while holding my “supposedly” hurt leg and she got right on with it.  not about to stop my acting, i was panicking up to the surface, kicking my other leg and pushing my mask up to my forehead while frantically splashing water with my two arms.

it was a little unfortunate that at that particular moment, a long smack of jellyfish were indifferently enjoying their feeding time with plankton just a few feet from where we were.  my right hand, in my projected frantic arm movement, smashed right into the middle of the smack.

i screamed.

“taking it a little bit too far.” i could hear the irritation in her voice.

“jellyfish stings!”

i kept on screaming.

in the end, i did need actual rescuing.  and five days later, i am still wearing a wound dressing on my right hand and had told the jellyfish story too many times to nosy observers already.  i let you in on a secret: the medical plaster was unnecessary. 

but they look kind of cool.


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