thank God David knows his way around the kitchen

i wasn’t particularly in my best mood when i woke up this morning.   there was a time when i didn’t mind having to do work stuff on a weekend, but that was when i was trying to kill myself in exhaustion and that period has been long over.  it doesn’t help either to know that my ceo is probably playing tennis or killing time in an elite-members-only posh resort right now (i am sure it is either of the two), and my boss, the cfo, playing golf.  

it wasn’t always like this.  of the three jobs i have (from the american giant Procter&Gamble to the swiss multinational DKSH and then to this private American Company), this was the less stressful without the threat of substandard employee benefits.  that i should be short of complaining that i have to work on a sunday morning every once in a while (for a good reason: there is a board meeting on the 22nd) isn’t just right.  after all, i am working in my pajamas at home in a body posture that could get me fired if i have to replicate such in my office.

but, it is still a sunday morning.  i should have been hibernating on a sunday morning.  and i have been working (or something that looks like that) since 7am.

wanting to feel a little better than i am currently feeling, i took out the two cookbooks i bought a few months ago (i knew it would come handy in time) and started leafing the pages for a dish i can cook for myself today. 

of why i need a cookbook to come up with a dish for lunch is pretty obvious for people who knew me well.  i do not do much activity at home besides the ones that are for self-indulgence.  and cooking or making the bed or washing the dishes or rearranging the books in my book cabinet… these are the things i do only when i am in the lowest point of my life and those moments are not easy to come by.  people think it is because i am a workaholic that i cannot do anything else outside work.  in reality, i am just bloody lazy.


i decided to try a dish called Stifado because it looks nice but since i am not fond of beef, i decided i want to substitute pork instead.  the ingredients looks familiar but what the hell are shallots? with the help of google, i found out how it looks like but seriously, i still think it looks like onions. 

i did as the recipe instructed.  i took out my blender from the packaging box (yes, i am that lazy, i cannot remember when was the last time the blender was used) and after washing it off, put the pork stock and 1lb. of red tomatoes into it.  the smell almost made me puke; i am particularly not fond of tomato juice in quantity more than 2 teaspoons.  but i survived that.

i sauteed the garlic and the shallots and throw in bell pepper (which was not in the recipe but the red colour against the tomatoe puree and the potatoes would look nice) with the pork meat then poured the puree.  it didn’t look good; neither did it taste nice.  it tasted of tomatoes and nothing else.  i eyed my canned goods in despair, i do not really want to resort to that.  i looked at that…that thing simmering in the pan before me.  my sister, jesse,  and my cousin, les, who were now awake didn’t look thrilled about it, either.  no, obviously i am not in my best mood this morning.

but i survived that, too. 

i waited for the pork meat to grow tender and throw in the potatoes and hoped for a miracle.  patience does make things better, it turned out that thing simmering before me started to look edible.  i asked foo, my next door neighbor who frequent my apartment, to take a picture of it before we start our meal. 


oh, okay, it didn’t look that nice.  but we all agree it tastes good.

it is 13:00 and i haven’t done any quality work, but lunch is going to be good. i am gonna go chow now.


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