a sense of accomplishment

my sister, jesse, tugged my legs.

i know that is so because in my sleep, i was preparing to jump (as a prelude to flying) and i couldn’t.  something was hindering my legs from taking off the ground. 

“ta…ta….” her voice boomed inside my head, not deafening but loud enough for the motion picture before my closed eyes to shut down.  i sleepily opened one eye and saw her standing at the foot of my bed. before i could say anything (not that i would say anything at that point, her intrusion to my dream was neither welcomed nor hated), she blurted out, “i am going to graduate.”

she said it like she never said anything before.  for the first time that i have known her, this was the first time she was actually excited about something related to school.  but then, maybe it is the prospect of finally getting rid of it that enamored her.  i should know; she was never fond of it.  when she was in kindergarten, she would stood up and leave the room and into my mother’s arms.  or breast, to be exact.  she was way past the breastfeeding years but it was a habit she has developed until kindergarten.

she is a bright girl.  i should know; she did good in school even without trying.  she once topped the ranking in the entire university during her first freshman year (i say first because she has been freshman more than twice in her university life).  but i guess a lot of things happened to her, growing up– i am sure– is one of them.  although growing up in my case did not hamper my academic life, it does have various effects on people.

i am so damn proud of her.  she would graduate without honours but it doesn’t matter.  i am so damn proud of her.  where others would have given up going back to school after wasting the four long years they were supposed to finish it, she dragged herself for another four years to start anew.  but that is just the little part of this jubilation.  i am mostly glad because she gave herself a second chance and she did good with it.

my sister has finally grown up.


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