run, forrest, run!

i was staring at the traffic building up 17 floors down from me and thought how closer they looked now than they used to when i was still in my office at the 30th floor. the demotion thirteen floors down was welcomed by most support (e.g. non-sales folks) people because the office floor, though the same age as the 30th, looks much newer with its newly painted walls and newly constructed workstations. not to mention the much livelier pantry. oh, there you go, i have mentioned it.

anyway, as i was staring at the traffic build-up down below, i thought about Forrest Gump and how he always thought about Jenny during most days of his life. this was one of the movies i have been meaning to watch but never got round to it (i just watched it over the weekend). i have thought about why i think it would have been better for Forrest if she disappeared just once and never came back. but then, there would have been no great storyline at all and tom hanks wouldn’t have earned his academy award nor the movie garnered five more of those.

while i was staring at the traffic build-up down below, i was thankful Forrest is nothing but a fictional character. it’s a win-win situation for everyone. all he wanted was to marry her anyway, and he did in the end.

but of course the author has to kill her. karma has to take its course.

while i was staring at the traffic build-up down below (and i sure can stare at it forever), i thought about the people in one’s life who for reasons only known to them disappear and reappear at certain times. i do not know who to raise an accusing fingers on: to the bitch who keeps on taunting a vulnerable, battered heart or to the bloke who just cannot get over her even after god-knows-when. and vice versa.

26. goddamned 26. definitely not single. and yet arguably engaged. and never been so cynical until now.

the traffic build-up below is disturbing me. it seems to be building up since forever. same traffic, different cars. isn’t there another road?

oh, yes, i almost forgot. there are other roads. they just do not bring those cars to their destination.

now what’s more reality than that?


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