give me my caffeine fix for the day and il leave you out of this

“it is inhumane, in my opinion, to force people who have a genuine medical need for coffee to wait in line behind people who apparently view it as some kind of recreational activity.”

 no, i didnt produce that remarkable statement (i wish i did, though) but i so agree with it.

 you cannot, just cannot, engaged the barista for more than five minutes while tryng to make up your mind if you want a mocha frappuccino or a strawberry frappe at 7am while i bloody wait behind your back dehydrating from the lack of caffeine in my nerves.

i have nothing against mocha frappuccino. i have sinful moments with them during saturdays at greenbelt 3 not so long ago. i have a problem about you consumming them while the sun was still yawning and not fully awake and while i fidget behind your back because i have been working for ten straight hours and i badly need a stirring hot cup of… coffee!!!

it is not about wanting a cup of coffee, is it? it is for that familiar symbol of green and white with the silly crowned woman in the middle. she makes you, more than the coffee really, forget about the woes of your young adult life. she has the charms, i have felt it, to make you believe that in a third world country, paying US$2.50 for a frappuccino (which is just basically a shake with a hint of coffee, really) is not to be taken in parallel with a family of seven (who is just living a few blocks from where you are drinking your frappuccino ) who needs US$2.00 for a day’s meal and dont know where to get it. she has the look, i have seen it, to have you convinced that it is an outmost hypocrisy to be worrying about the rest of human kind when you can barely pay the minimum amount due of your credit card bills.

it wasn’t for the coffee that you were here for. it was for the experience of temporary closure from the truth you do not want to see. and for US$2.50, she can give you that. and hey, she even lets you sit there on one of her tables long after your frappuccino is gone.

“miss? miss?

i looked blankly at the barista/cashier.

“good morning and welcome to starbucks. what can i do for you?”

yes, they do have a way with words. it is not just coffee we serve here, maam. but of course, you know that already, don’t you?

“one small cup of caffe americano, please.” i stammered and added before he can ask if i need something else. “and nothing else.”

“surely. can i have your name, ma’am?” she does know who to hire; he smiled as if he was running for office.


“how are you today, maggie?” and would you have guessed it? they do take extra step.

i looked at him, trying to figure out his smile. were they ready made? were they required? must i start putting trust back to people? i wondered now if the bartenders have new competition. market competition is good for the buyers. and they are way, way cheaper than shrinks.

“tired. badly need my coffee.”

“you’ll soon get it.” he replied and gave me my change. “have a better day.”

i have nothing against you wanting a cup of frappuccino at 7am. it is your money, anyway. but just let me be the first on the line.

waiting after you making up your mind created all these thoughts. and i do not like it. i just want my shot of espresso.

but paying US$1.25 for it now seems very selfish.


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