Widdle and my 10-year old brother

my ten-year old brother gave me his comic books. three of them.

when i said his comic books, i meant his works. he created his own character and story line. i cried a while ago when i read them. it was just too much to take. a ten year old making his own comic book from crumpled bond papers: folding them into half and stapling them on the middle.

his character’s name is widdle. i do not know where he got the name or if there ever is an essence to that name. but Widdle…i do not know what Widdle exactly does. He is some sort of a secret agent or a mystery solver…or something. it wasn’t clear. in the second episode, he showed up with a partner.

I do not also know how old is Widdle but i bet he is old enough to be reporting to a boss and to be fighting monsters, ghosts, magnet man, snake man and other villains i never heard of before. Widdle has a sense of humour, too (or maybe i am just biased because he is my brother). He is also temperamental. And, he seem to be behavin g like James Bond or Clark Kent: he almost get himself killed but not really killed.

i was crying and laughing when i read it.

I was laughing because it was funny and i was amazed with his drawing. in the middle of the home-made comic book, he cuts the story short with “we’ll be right back” and inserts puzzles and connect the dots like the way it is with some comic books. Or in one episode, he inserted an entirely short script he termed as “shorties” and starred this one eyed monster “eye shmia” (who looks like mike in monster,inc).

i was crying because it was my ten-year old brother who did this. i am not sure if it is normal for ten year olds to be doing such. if i could scan the comic book, i would have done it just so you can tell me it is something i should not make a big deal of. but he drew it with his pencil and the pages are already torn on the sides and it is one of those papers that will never make it past the scanning stage.

and i suddenly felt sorry for myself for not being back home. man, i bet it would kill me watching him in the process. but, damn, those are the things that you are not supposed to miss in the world.

my ten year old brother created comic books—- with story lines. if this is what cartoon network made him do, i thank the one who created television.


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