i want to be a lionfish and dance salsa underwater!

(sunday, feb 25 8:30am)

i did not go to my hairdresser. instead, i packed just enough clothes for the weekend and went to galera for scuba diving.

i was hoping to see the pygmy seahorse. i know theyre really small so the challenge alone of being able to identify them in the first place was already “challenging” enough. it was also for this particular reason that i jumped into my wetsuit right after i got out of the boat. daniel, my my dive buddy, who happens to be a divemaster guide, told me we are going to go to the dive site where it frequents.

no pygmy seahorse. what i got from the dive instead was a splitting headache.

i do not know if it was because the night beforehand was a friday or because i simply lack some decent sleep. one must always be hydrated and well-slept before diving. i dont know if i ever was. and that, in itself, is a very irresponsible thing to do.

i opted to skip the 3pm dive, called david to get his ass online, and waited for him in skype. i frequent and exclusively dive with this operator: Big Apple dive shop. even after my 23-year-old instructor left the shop to do freelance somewhere else, i stayed behind. there are better shops along puerto galera, atlantis and asia divers particularly. but they charge a fortune my third-world country pocket obviously cannot afford in the long run. and there’s something i love about small dive shops, the service itself is very personalized.

and it was of this personalized service that i managed to unplug the internet cable from the dive shop’s computer and plug it into mine (because the wireless connection was, again, not working).

don’t you just love connections?

david was surprised to see how sunny and perfect the weather was here as i gave him a little tour through the webcam. it was cold, dragging, and lousy in Norwich. i pointed out to him that daniel showed me how Denmark looked like yesterday and it was all covered with snow. i did hope it made him feel better.

i slept at 6 pm and woke up 2 hours ago (around 6:30am), found out dennis (my PADI instructor) was texting me last night:

“so, are you going to sleep the entire night? it is saturday night! we have to go out!”

we met over breakfast today and he said it was one of the greatest bar hopping he had in a long time in sabang (actually, there is nothing else you can do in the evenings in sabang but bar-hop). i was a little sorry i missed it.

but the sleep was equally good.

there will be another saturday nights like last night, im sure. and i shall be there.


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