the hypochondriac and the most handsome german in the whole world

the long sleep i took in lieu of hitting the bars in Sabang on a saturday night paid off. i was able to enjoy all the dives i had on sunday without having the usual paranoia of catching decompression illness or “the bends” as david always call it. (i am the greatest hypochondriac diver there ever is that david sometimes wonder how the hell i had the guts to start diving).

canyons was awesome even with the fact that it took too much effort because we end up fighting the current at 29 meters for the entire 45 minutes. this, we blame to daniel, our 23-year old danish divemaster who happens to be also my PG divebuddy. he miscalculated the spot where we were supposed to do a negative entry (for nondiver, that just means falling into the water and swimming straight down;usually, divers meet at the surface first before going down under). but canyons introduced a world underwater that can make you forget crazy mistakes like that.

i saw lots of big fishes (sweet lips, trevallies, a napoleon wrasse, and god knows what else; my divemaster, daniel, identified them for me) of which i have no idea what they are called. i have been diving continuously for five months already; average fish identification capability would have been expected of me.

but the truth of the matter is, i suck at it bigtime.

i once mistook a milkfish for a baby shark. of whether it was a milkfish can also be argued (i fancy my other 55-year old english divemaster was just shitting me) but definitely can be overshadowed by the fact that nobody besides me would have thought it was a shark.

it was ten meters away, in the blue, and i have a 150/200 vision. that was my excuse.

if i really wanted to, i can work on my fish identification skills. if i really wanted to. but people take up diving for whole different reasons. i, for one, took up the hobby because there something about being underwater that calms and scares the seven-foot long shit out of me. and that was what i paid for and expected. and the fishes didnt mind that they all look the same to me. all europeans look alike for me, too.

my last dive, i buddied up with the most handsome german in the whole world. he doesn’t look like one. daniel squirmed upon hearing this; he thinks the german is too old to be even considered handsome. but then, he almost dropped dead when i told him i found sean connery sexy. men are sometimes misinformed about the kind of people women find really hot.

i told david this. “i don’t want to hear that on a sunday morning.” he replied.

“he’s old, david. and he’s german.”

“so, you meant to say he is very handsome for a german?” he clarified.

“yes, i just told you that. he is the most handsome german in the whole world.”

“ahhh, but not the most handsome man in the whole world?”

“of course not.” i told him.

he told me then it was okay and that he doesnt mind hearing that on a sunday morning.

men are sometimes strange. david included.

but i do love david. i guess that makes a whole lot of difference.


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