this is why i think having a personal financial statement is cool…

my bills are eating me alive.

mobile phone bills. telephone bills. electricity bills. water bills. dsl fees. insurance premiums. diving fees. (i am still arguing with myself if i should classify this as one, considering i have the psychological need to do dive in lieu of paying visits to my shrink). and all other monthly costs arising from “i-have-the-need-to-subscribe-to-this-shit-otherwise-i-will-go-crazy-at-home” products and services.

summing up the cash i have to shell out monthly for this would equal two (and sometimes, three) month’s rent.

so while david was busy complaining (whining is more apt to use but his masculinity doesnt want to hear it) about finishing his lesson plan, i was busy going over my cash management shits all over again.

i love crunching numbers and thank God mother brainwashed me into wanting me to be in finance way before i can even understand what the hell that means (e.g. third grade or second grade, one tends not to remember this stuff). accounting, no matter how boring and petty it might be for most people, enamores me. hell, i wanted to have a personal financial statement for myself but david said that would be taking it too far (e.g. do i really want to record bad debts expense for the money i lent to people ages ago?).

the good thing about keeping a personal cash management file is that it paints a picture of what your financial position is right now and what it will be in the next six months. i am not saying that the picture’s gonna look nice because often times, it is going to look horrible…especially with your credit card bills and shopping spree always getting in the way. but, in the least, it gives you a heads up way before the bank gives you notices or before the cable guy legally snatched your right from watching the latest episode of “LOST” or “Prisonbreak” on your own telly.

as i was saying, my monthly bills are eating me alive.

i couldnt function without an internet at home. and seriously, without electricity it would be impossible to recharge my laptop. and with summer fast approaching, it is even non-negotiable to consider if i can skip the need of having my water supply. it doesnt also help that david lives half the world away but on my speed dial.

i do have enough budget for these expenses. that wasn’t what i was worried of. i was alarmed (and still am) with the steepness increase of my allowances for them.

there used to be a time when i do not have to pay as much for these bills.

or perhaps, could it be —i wonder— that i just stopped going to fancy bars and doing impulsive shopping and dining in expensive restaurants that my attention shifted to these fixed costs?

if that is the case, then it is also true that i am getting old.


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