the napoleon wrasse, my elbow and myself

i dreamt of a napoleon wrasse connected to my elbow in lieu of a traditional left hand, complete with a palm and five fingers. if you do not have any earthly idea how the hell a napoleon wrasse looks like, here you go:

@ canyons
(my divemaster cannot produce a better picture, i did try to tell him to include me of which obviously he didn’t as i am nowhere near this fish).

now you could probably imagine my perplexity when i woke up from the dream; i cannot visualize anymore how the hell it looked so normal with it dangling from my shoulder. and you have to agree it is not really quite the image that will linger in one’s mind.

so, why?

perhaps, because i did see this napoleon wrasse during my canyon dive last sunday. but of why the hell my subconscious would fancy an association to such a fish is still open for assessment. but here are the facts you might find interesting:

1. this fish can change its sex from female to male.
2. it is now an endangered animal due to its slow breeding rate.

david, among other people, did ask if i have lesbian tendencies. i really have no need to check my preference and i definitely am not looking forward to shagging girls. i am pretty satisfied with guys, thank you very much. but i can appreciate a good looking girl and i do find myself staring at breasts (obviously, if they are so huge that two of them are way bigger than the girl’s face, it is not a question of what sex would tend to stare at them— you will stare at them, oh thats for sure!).

unlike men, women can appreciate fellow women without having to squirm thinking of it.

and about being an endangered specie, it does makes my ego quite happy to think of that one. although there is quite a large population who would be so glad if id be done away with.

so, there you go.

at least my dream was not about humping a turtle, considering how fond i am of them.

now, that’s really one sick thought.


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