the mysterious affair of the missing pizza. or so it seems.

i woke up and found it gone. all of it.
there is only one pizza i can eat anytime of the day, as often as possible. and i ordered a box of it yesterday along with another box for jesse and her college classmates (they were cramming to beat their creative literature paper deadline; i helped her by doing the critique of Shakespeare’s the phoenix and the turtle – which i find really sad, but that’s another story).

and so it came that i took one slice- that was around 3:30pm then, just 3 hours after i took my lunch- and decided to eat the remaining 5 slices during dinner time. i close the box and put it down at the foot of my bed with a plastic cup on top of it.

i didn’t know when did i fell asleep but i did and woke up at 11:40 pm and found it gone.

you have to understand that at that point, the 5 slices of pizza matters more than you can possibly imagine. it was 11:40 and although i might have fell asleep not thinking about it, it was the first thought in my mind when i woke up. and it was gone!


jesse was watching sixth sense in HBO when i rushed from my room and hysterically looked for my pizza. “where’s my pizza?”

she was surprised that i asked it. and then she calmly said, “foo ate it.”

why? “why? it was inside my room!”

“i left. to school, remember. i know nothing.” she replied and then asked, “do you want to have dinner instead?”

“i need my pizza.” i said in despair, went inside the bathroom, slamming the door as i did so. when i went out, i saw a pizza box in the trash. and would you have seen it coming, i opened the pizza box.

that was really ridiculous. we never throw a pizza box with eatable pizza slices still in it. and even if it did happen, was i really expecting myself to take it out of the trash and eat it?

“i’m cooking you rice.” she said.

“how could my pizza get eaten? it was in my room. its pretty logical that when one brings food in the room it is because she doesn’t want to share it.” i keep on babbling. “arrrghhhh, i am gonna kill foo. and no i don’t want to eat dinner. that pizza was my dinner.”

jesse looked so guilty-stricken.

this morning, i found foo online in YM. he did eat it! “betchie ate a slice too.” he added.


“it was in my room. *sob*” i told him.

“*shocked* it was already out on the table of your living room.”

somebody moved my pizza out of my room.

hmmmn, now who could that be?


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