look! impulsiveness is screwing her!

“have you readied yourself against david’s delaying tactics come monday?” david popped the question, referring to my boss’ irregular reaction regarding my resignation last friday.

i did resign. if you remember, there was that other offer that came into picture a few weeks ago. i didn’t expect them to come up with a job offer so fast but it came last week. my current boss, after receiving my resignation letter, asked me why. naturally. one doesn’t usually resign before receiving a fat bonus paycheck (he assessed that i did a very excellent job, hence, the bonus) and after starting project initiatives, lots of them. he asked me why twice and in both times, i stammered.

i hate handing in resignations, not that i have handed quite a lot (this was only the third time). but in all cases, i always find it an ordeal to explain to my boss why i decided to resign mainly because of the fear of a “counter-offer”.

“tell me, honey, and please be honest. what can make you stay? everybody has a price.” david told me after i told him about what happened when i handed in my resignation. after i told my boss i found the need to move on and that even if i stay where i am now, i would still end up leaving in a year’s time, he conceded and told me he will forward my notice to HR. he didn’t and instead, he took the rest of the afternoon off. he texted me in the evening telling me he changed his mind, he is withdrawing his acceptance of my resignation. he said it was not over yet and that he will make a counter-offer.

i hate counter-offers because they are often the hardest piece of paper to reject. and david is right; everybody has a price. i am particularly not idealistic, i am as fond of money as everybody else.

“nothing.” i told david.

“oh come on, there must be something.”

“a more definite career path.” i told him. “and the new job, being publicly listed and in fortune 500 list, can give me that.” i paused. “but its quite heartbreaking to reject a hefty increase in my already “okay” salary, you know.”

he chuckled. “oooh, better be careful comes monday.”

if i would stay, it wouldn’t be for the counter-offer (but i wouldn’t want to be a hypocrite- the money would be welcomed) but for my boss. i have absolutely no problem working with him, he was one of the best bosses i have. but then, the one who invited me to join her is one of the best, too.

this has become a battle of the bosses, rather than compensation package. after all, the new offer can be very well swept away by any counter offer of my current job in terms of monetary pay and benefits. it has become a choice between a boss who can be instrumental to my journey up any corporate ladder and the one who can speed up my climb up a particular corporate ladder.

it turned out, i did choose the former.

i still haven’t had a change of mind. i am still sure i am not going to withdraw my resignation. (UPDATE: i did have a change of mind. and i am now more worried about how to tell my former boss for own selfish reasons, i cannot move forward with the new job anymore).

i just hated the fact that i am about to reject a counter-offer that could have send me places.

yes, money cannot buy anything. but it still hurts like hell to wave them off.


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