in the wake of his absence

david left for london 8 hours ago making both of us a little poorer than how we were ten days before.

there were no tearful goodbyes at the airport. the journey to the airport, dragging. the separation, quick.

we hugged, we kissed. and that was it.

for people who haven’t known us well, that might have been dismissed as a proof of nothing more than a ten-day holiday bliss. it wasn’t. we were just so bad at saying goodbye it is always safe to do it quicker.

when i got home, i didn’t cry. i slept. the body aches more for a rest rather than the tears. and isn’t it only the beautiful things that died that should be mourned over?

we were very much alive. a thousand miles apart now, but alive nevertheless.

but how does one justify the hollowness? there was no pain in his leaving.

but i misses him all the same.


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