the suitcase homicide, the girl who screamed, and the man who loves her

david and i are similar on our likes but are different on our way of handling things. where i think force is the way to push through with my rights, he works his way in meeting the other party halfway. where i charm some people to get what i want, he sticks to the traditional way of doing it. where you never see the thread’s end of his patience, my moods are elastic. i would like to say i have been more successful on handling things better than him but in reality, david does it better.

bag so, when the terminal conveyor ripped out his gigantic suitcase on our way back from boracay, it was not a surprise anymore that it was i who was screaming. seair personnel at the airport was very accommodating; i later fancy it might be because they were trying to get rid of us and transfer responsibility to the makati office.

they offered to replace the suitcase; it was obviously not fit for travel. and i bet a hundred quid david would rather drag his paul smith clothing in a plastic bag than use the suitcase (i did hint on the sideways that if he brough with him a backpack rather than a suitcase, this would have not happen. he replied, in his geniune english superiority “i like to travel with comfort. thank you very much” and so i shut up my mouth).

the problem climaxed when the sales manager assistant handed Php2,000 (or ~GBP22) to us, of which i vehemently refused to accept. i find david’s suitcase horribly looking but i do know it cost him Php6,500 (or ~GBP70). but i also was aware that the airline has a disclaimer that they only pay 50 pence for every kilo of the damage baggage (of which would actually translate to Php850!). but my argument was not about the money; it was about the manner of which they want to pay us for the damage.

it was agreed at the airport they will replace the suitcase. i really didn’t give a damn how much it will cost them to replace it, but i expected a suitcase, not a few roll of bills to compensate for the inconvenience. because if i am to scout and shop for a replacement, it is going to cost them more than Php2k.

i was being difficult, yes, but it pisses me off when people committed on something and did another thing. it didn’t help that the sales manager stubbornly repeat their disclaimer over and over again. i knew about the disclaimer, damnit. i am the sort of person who read and re-read those pathetic sized paragraphs that service companies intentionally put in their forms but of which they know very well would be ignored by 90% of their customers until something wrong happens. i know about their disclaimer but they committed something to us at the airport and thus eradicated normal assumptions. what happened to david’s suitcase became a special case that needed special handling; their station manager expressed so.

david took charge. rightly so. if he let me argue about it, it will go nowhere. time was against us. he was flying back to london in less than 12 hours and we were meeting a number of friends before he did so. he compromised and agreed to go and shop for a replacement.

we found a much better looking suitcase; a suitcase i would have envisioned he would have brought with him in the first place. it has a four-wheel feature. it is black. it looks attractive. and it costs (surprise!) Php2,300 (GBP25). i could only hope for a durable quality; i find it such a good deal for such a nice bag. there must be some catch.

the sales assistant, after she repeatedly bailed out on having to meet us in the shop instead of us going back to the office, gave in to david’s charm. at the point, i was already cooling down but refused to have anything to do with the issue resolution again and so i wandered around the shop while my boyfriend and the sales assistant went around small talks while waiting at the counter.

“you seem to be not very popular with girls.” david told me afterwards and recounted the conversation he has with her.

“i am not surprised. i like guys better.” i told him, frowning. i was still pissed.

“back at the shop, she was looking at you in disbelief and shock.”

“they should fix their defunct issue resolution protocol.” i murmured. “it pisses me off, really.”

david reached out for me and give me a hug. “hey, hey, cheer up.” he said. “come on, look at me.”

of which i did.

he gave me his famous wink-and-a-smile combination.

i cracked a smile.

“that’s better.” he gave me a kiss. “let’s enjoy what’s left of the day, shall we, honey?”

and for whatever it was worth, i thank both of us for never having to give up on each other.


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