a slave of freedom

19% of my country’s population try to survive with less than US$1/day, according to the latest World Bank estimate. the palace, as expected, corrected the estimate saying that it wasn’t true that there are 15MM filipinos under the extreme poverty line; only 10.5MM of us do.

it doesn’t fucking matter.

4.5MM people out of the extreme poverty line will still be classified as less extremely poor (adding to the already shocking 40MM filipinos belonging to such class). i spent US$4 a day for my transportation alone. US$2-3 on my breakfast. US$3 on my coffee.

foo told me he felt guilty after reading the article (it was in my yahoo status message for everyone to click- a very nice breakfast news for the unhappy working people who are wondering what the hell happened to their lives). david saw the slums when he was here and was horrified by it. i have watched girls sell their bodies for money.

my father has seen worst.

the cost of the holiday david and i took would have feed a person in extreme poverty for 6 years. for six fucking years. david wouldn’t know that; he has been fortunate enough to be born in a country where the goverment is able enough to look after its people. but i knew that. i see poverty every day. would i have been willing to spent my holiday share to feed a person for 3 years?

would i have been happier? when does having a good life start to sound like a sin?

somehow, it seems to explain why most yuppies (young professionals) spent so much time at work than anywhere else.

subconsciously, it makes one feel less guilty when one splurge on one’s self afterwards.


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