yes, it tastes better in the bottle but no, you are not getting the job

my application with the giant multinational beverage company is going nowhere.

the nice thing about headhunters is that they do the work for you. so, without really bombarding companies with your CV, you would tend to get updates on where you would have a career fit. (i wasn’t actively looking for a job, i just turned down a nice offer from a reinsurance multinational recently. i have no regrets; i did it for reasons i believe are more important to me than the career move.)

so, when my headhunter broke the news that a the division headquarters of the largest selling global beverage corporation upgraded my CV from being a benchmark data to being a candidate for employment, i was more than thrilled. i was flattered. they were looking for a strategic corporate planning manager and they think i am a fit and they want to talk to me about it.

aaaahhhh, who would pass up an opportunity as good as that?

david thought the same and told me to give it a try. i thought about how complicated it will be if i will be offered the job; because if i will be offered the job, UK has to wait. and i do not really know if i want UK to wait. hell, i would jump into the next flight out if david wants to risk it.

however, it was no use jumping the gun. it is a giant multi-billion dollar company and you do not get into that kind of company, holding that kind of position easily. besides, my headhunter informed me they have currently considered two applicants already before they found my CV. so, hell, what use is it to think about what will happen if i get the job? i wasn’t past the interviews yet.

i ended up talking to four people (i was initially scheduled to talk to two- i wonder what the hell happened there; my headhunter was surprised when i told him afterwards, but in a good sense). the last interview took an hour or so talking about photography and wine served in a glass vs. plastic cups and traffic in makati and scuba diving and answering his question of whether or not i can considering him as the type of boss i can work with and whether i wanted to be a CFO in the future.

i love being interviewed. there was a period in my life i would attend interviews not because i was looking for a job but because i just love being into one. and because of that, i have developed the skill to know right after the interview if i am moving forward or if i screwed it.

i have no fucking idea where i stand right now. if i screwed it, i would have been informed by my headhunter at the max, three days after the interview. he was to consider me for another opportunity and he cannot do that unless i screw this one up. but if i am moving forward, we would have at least be given a hint i am being seriously considered.


five days have passed and i am getting impatient now. which was the most logical thing for an impatient person like me to do: get impatient.

i do not like being suspended in mid-air. it feels like its cutting my life short by eight hours everytime that happens.

but then, perhaps this is a blessing in disguise. perhaps, it wasn’t being suspended in mid-air. perhaps, i did screw it but refused to see the signs, letting my headhunter carry the burden of delivering the news to me. perhaps, i am just making excuses to myself so i won’t feel bad of not being able to impress them enough to consider hiring me.

oh well, there is more important things to worry about than the bruises in my ego.

why the hell am i like this?


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