the girl with the mirror

the bad thing about being a hypochondriac is that it gets you farther from the truth, i told her as we paused in front of the back of the mirror. i honestly think i’m sick, i feel sick, i act sick, i think sick. but i can never be so sure, you know, that i really am sick.

i paused, frowning as we watched the shadow of a girl who was fixing her hair in front of the mirror.

and i continued, and so maybe its all just hypochrondria. but what if it isn’t? what if i really am sick? depressed hypochondriacs are probably the most confused people around.

she was concentrating on the girl with the mirror. you, what do you think? i asked her.

but it was the girl with the mirror who spoke up, the mirror says i am the most beautiful girl around. she put the mirror aside so we can see her. and then the girl with the mirror walked away.

her face was burnt beyond recognition. i thought horribly.

reading my thoughts, she spoke up, but the mirror doesn’t know that.

she turned and smiled at me and added, but of course, she was the only one the mirror saw.


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