and i do not understand that, either.

whenever david and i are not fighting or romancing each other, we talk about and assess people we both know or heard of. i know its kind of lame but we already have our fair share of “meaning of life” conversations and “jawbreaking innovative ideas” brainstorming it gets pretty dragging to always sound like intellectuals all the time.

and so we talk about people.

i told him about what happened to the middle-aged european couple i met in Sabang, Puerto Galera (of whom he was distantly familiar of). having enjoyed their first two-week trip in the Philippines a few months back, they decided to come back and spend two months traveling within the country. their first stop, it was agreed, was to spend a few weeks in Sabang (they were not certified divers- so i do not understand this move at all).

surprise to nobody, there are only two things you can do in sabang: dive and go to girlie bars. the food sucks, the beach sucks, and loud music is everywhere. during the weekend trips to galera for diving (and barhopping with my instructor in the evenings- what else can you do in sabang, anyway? i plead guilty.), i have seen lots of western couples going inside the girlie bars watching half-naked girls bend their bodies in ways i cannot imagine possible. i do not understand that either. i tried to lure david into one of them when we were there so it could be made clear to me but he vehemently refused and i reacted vehemently with his vehement refusal and so we fought.

but the middle-aged couple went ahead and went to the bars. and it was known that he started flirting with girls half his age. it was also known she didn’t mind at first and that the reason she stopped accompanying him to the bars was that she got tired with the noise and the crowd. she didn’t mind he was out every night – this i could not understand, either- until he started bringing a girl back to their resort at some nights.

it was known she didn’t react violently (inspite of my disbelief); age does wonders to people. but she asked him if he was ready to move on and discover better and more couple tourist-suited places than sabang. he brushed her off and insisted on staying.

she left him the morning after, went to Manila and bought the next flight out back to Europe.

“that is the most horrible thing i have ever heard.” david reacted. i could visualize his facial expression then, his forehead wrinkling as he frowned, his fist clenching tighter as he thought of this. “it was so brave and right of her to walk away.”

“its sick. sick. sick. ” i muttered. “its so sick and dirty i had the urge to puke when i heard about the news.”

“sex is never enough reason to do away with love.”

“how can you go back to the resort of a man whose wife is waiting for him? it is so sick.” it was always automatic for me. after seeing sabang, i always questioned the girls. the men are hopeless cases; the girls, we share the same anatomy parts.

“it is poverty, honey.”

i do not want to talk about poverty then. when we start discussing about poverty and education and politics and crime, it makes us sound so intellectual (and because we can always carry any type of conversation at any give time) and for this particular night, we do not want to sound anything like it.
he spoke up, ” i told you sabang is a dangerous place.” he did tell me that. i told him back every place is a dangerous place to someone at some point.

but that i have been spending weekends at a place sinister enough to destroy solid marriages?

perhaps, theirs wasn’t a solid union. love is supposed to move mountains. it didn’t mention love got buried under the rocks and the sands that eroded when love push the mountains.

“i wonder about those middle-aged couples that were in the boat with us to sabang.” i told him, remember two fifty year olds who were giggling and hugging and throwing kisses at each other (obviously in their silver wedding anniversary- otherwise, i couldn’t understand their teenage actions; david said it was gross watching them; i said it was romantic). “i wonder if they are still together.”

“omg. it is horrible.” david said for the millionth times.

maybe love got buried underneath, after all. but it is supposed to be so absofuckinglutely awesome i am sure it has found a way to breathe, underneath the rocks and the sand.

else, it wouldn’t make sense.


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