my e-card got chico the job!

dani (e.g. the swiss, not the dane) got the job. he told me yesterday; thanking me for the good luck e-card i sent to him the weekend before the final interview.

i am happy for him, perhaps happier than he is for himself. for chico to prefer keeping a job is like expecting your car never to run out of gas; it will never happen. a tie and a suit and a five-day work week is not something i can imagine chico would be doing for the next twenty years. some people are just not made for it.

what excites him about the job is that it is based in Dubai. once again, he would be living the high life of an expat (who doesn’t want that? oh, oh, the things i would do to land an expat job!). and for another, he can practice his aged, incomprehensible arabic. dani is a natural linguist; he once tried to teach me espanol. unfortunately, i couldn’t roll the “r”.

what can i say? some people have it, some people don’t.

he was excited about the people, too. “i hope there are pretty waitresses.” he said, and i can imagine him grinning. it doesn’t matter where chico is, he can always notice a pretty waitress.

i do not have any doubts he will do good out there. he will not grow lonely; his fascination for foreign culture is too strong it will consume and diminish any trace of loneliness. i look forward to his stories; guessing this time it will not be as jaw-dropping or dumbfounding as the ones he had in China but open all the same to the possibility that with chico, nothing is ever usual.


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