four-day work week, here i come!

“i am available now, however, to warn you my mind is still on the beach in maui.”

my boss, the cfo, informed me when i asked him to buzz me when he is ready to talk.

i called him anyway.

i was deliberating the possibility of continuing my further professional education by taking the CMA board exam, a global certification given by the Institute of Management Accountant in the U.S.

to pass the examination, of course, i have to do some sort of preparation. the last and first time i took and passed the board exam was way back 2000, and hell, i had four years in college and 5-month board review to prepare me for that. mba school was an entirely different thing; it wasn’t as pressuring. not unless you are aiming for the gold or the silver medal, of which i did the latter but gave it up when i kept on bouncing out and back in again the deans list, trimester after trimester.

and after earning the degree in 2005, i was more interested in enrolling myself in swimming lessons or yoga or scuba diving or swedish massage. i even thought it would be nice studying dressmaking; i would be sewing all my clothes!

unfortunately as you may have noticed, i only got the scuba diving part followed through. i am not even sure about yoga anymore, if i cannot stop thinking about its sexual benefit, there really is no reason to keep on attending.

and so that brings me back to why i need to talk to my boss. i need the company to grant me a four-day workweek so i can do my review on the fifth day. the entire package, from membership, to entrance fee, to examination fee cost a lot. and i am not about to waste such payments by failing the exam.

“so do you really want to do this?” he asked.

“i am sure.”

“and you want to start the four-day workweek in july?”

“yep. that is the plan.”

“there shouldn’t be a problem but…”

oh god, i hate but’s. but’s are not good.

“but, it doesnt necessarily mean it has to be friday all the time.” i asked him if i could take friday off (you would get it, right? my weekend would be longer!). “if we need you on a friday here you have to move your review day on another day of that week.”

“sounds perfect to me.” i smiled. oh god, he just approved it. just like that.

“and,” he continued, “keep the receipts. when you passed the exam, we will reimburse you for the cost.”

“and the catch?”

he chuckled, “there is no catch.”

“there is no such thing as free lunch.” i told him.

he laughed. “i am banking on the fact the gesture will make you decide to stay longer.”

i told david these right after we talk. he was thrilled. august comes after july, if you get our drift. i was elated, excited even. things are finally getting themselves in complementary order.

oh, and why did i ever think i don’t like this job?


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