the first rain of may and the summer kiss of august

summer is so over. :).

the first raindrop i felt on my skin after a long time came about when i opened the taxi door and got in. i have been waiting for summer to end since david and i established the fact that a crazy high temperature can ruin a relationship (he once had a holiday with gill in greece under a 43C heat and well, he is with me now so you can figure out the rest of the story). it was not that i was threatened by a mere abnormal surge of temperature but i was not about to take any chances nor was i to elongate unnecessary affair with the sun.

i love the beach better when it rains. the small raindrops kissing the ocean, joining the waves as it washed to the shores. the traces of my footsteps on the wet sands. the sun or the heat has nothing to do with it.

and so, it wasn’t such a sad thing to watch the summer go. electricity consumption will be lower, nobody would have the need to have a shower four times a day, it wouldn’t be such a deal to go out and stand under the heat of the sun waiting for a cab to bring you to the mall, and it wouldn’t be so weird snuggling up under my comforter with pillows around.

and the best thing about all this is that the rain signifies my summer. david’s coming back in august.

and that is the kind of summer i am looking forward to.


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