clark, pangasinan, and the sunset as an added bonus

the company decided it was nice to give the employees a break so the employee services team cooked up a plan for what was subsequently called a “summer camp”.

and because the company grew almost twice the size since last summer, an overnight affair was already out of the question. (hey, they did ask us to bring one guest each!) they did get us booked in Clearwater Country Club, a private/for members only destination up north (inside the Clark Economic Zone Complex, specifically), that boasts of man-made beach (huh?) and first-class amenities.


my experience with luxurious, members-only country clubs is that the villas are so fucking awesome i always ended up sleeping the entire duration of the company outing. but since this is a day trip affair, that should be the least of my problem.

the nicer thing about this outing though is that instead of just one guest, i was able to squeeze in another one. it turned out that the company paid for more headcount that what would eventually turned up during the pick up time. in fact, i could bring four more guests and there would still be a whole lot space for more gate-crashing.

but i am not that thick. i am thick, but not that much. yet.

i am also planning on meeting my long-lost friends way back CPA board review days. i haven’t seen them for years and i have missed the wedding of one (i actually missed most of my friend’s wedding because of my work- its pretty lame, i know, but thats my story).

the company event would be all done by 6pm, which is also the same time my friend jo and lou would pick me up from the country club (after i tuck my two teenage siblings in the company-rented bus back to Metro Manila) and start what will be a 3.5-hour drive to the province of pangasinan to see roselle (whose wedding i missed and who now has two kids).

and yes of course, the bonus is that there is a beach nearby her place. there has to be a beach to lure me into going anywhere.

i think this time, it would be a good idea to leave my laptop behind.


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