so much for passing it in flying colours.

and so, david and i were pretty comfortable with the idea of the four-day work week. at least, comes august, i only have to worry how i can get off work for the first four days of the week (which isn’t as bad as having to worry how i can get off work for the entire work week).

he was a little worried about my 45% initial score rating for the sample CMA test i took, though. i was quite shocked myself; those were the things i know well in college. those were the things i can hit bullseye with eyes closed in college. apparently, somewhere along the way, i got dumber and dumber.

so much for passing the CMA exam in flying colours.

so we did a run-through on the tests and he asked me questions from the sample test and i have to give my answer and explain why it is my answer. fair enough for me; it is the only way i can be sure i understood the concepts right.

i nailed it. it is nothing to be proud of, really. nailing it the second time is not as glorious as passing it the first time.

but hey, i am still warming up. one gotta give a little credit for that.

and this is still three days after i have finalized my interest to take the CMA exam. one gotta give a little more credit for that.

and i am still working five days a week. one gotta give a hell lot more credit for that.

and so, as i was saying, we were getting comfortable with the thought of CMA and four-day workweek and the upcoming holiday in august,

and then, remember that beverage company i was eyeing a post on?

well, after not hearing from them for four weeks, they re-appeared. would i be interested in a position in Budgeting?

woud i be? would i be?

why do stuff like these happen to me?


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