the weekend that looked better in pictures (updated with pics)

i could opt not to say more. the title of this entry says everything except that i would need to post pictures so there would be something to measure the actual experience against.

clearwaters country club is horrible. the food was crap. the pool was heavily chlorinated. the man-made beach looked like the water has been there in ages.


okay, my expectations were high. but for a country club that boasted a one-time membership fee of Php340k (7.3K US$), one’s gotta deserve a better deal than that.

i really shouldn’t have complained. i was in it for free; it was a company outing paid by the company itself. plus, did i say in my previous entry i get to bring two guests? it, of course, added to the embarassment. my colleagues and i were joking while sitting on one of the club’s benches that we were quite sorry for our guests; they could have spent their saturdays somewhere more comfortable and homey.

we saw the organizers not long after the realization that we have overrated the outing crushed us. they, too, look like a bucket of ice cold cubes were throwned on them after they had a heatstroke. apparently, the plan went awry. the colourful flags were 100 meters away from where it should be, the soundsystem was hours late, the rain made the ugly grass icky and the ground muddy, the food was late (and God, it was crap!), etc etc. it turned out they had amazing plans, it was the execution that got screwed up.


but oh well, i am not going to raise an accusing fingers to anybody although organizers are inherently and mainly responsible for any screw ups. its the downs of having to plan everything. the ups, i am sure you would agree, would make you forget the downs. you get to arrive at the destination earlier, you get all the freebies, you get all the praises afterwards.


but, oh well, not everybody hated it. they’re quite not like us who have high expectations even for a free trip.

we couldn’t help it. we’re finance people. quite the contrary of being known as nerds and bores and geeks, we do know how to calculate fun.

yes, we calculate it. and doing that is fun.


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