the story of the girl who has something and the sister who always saves her ass

“so, which agent are we gonna meet next?” jesse said excitedly.

she was referring to the real estate agents sprouting like mushrooms in the wake of our existence just hours after i posted an ad for a house specifics. you gotta give it out to them; they have eyes like hawks and persistence like the slugs.

and so, how this came about was after nights of sleeping over it and doing calculations on my personal cash management sheet i found out i could afford a five-year housing loan for a 2-bedroom condominium unit. i also found out it is better for me in the long run to pay a higher loan amortization rather than paying a monthly rent on a bigger sized apartment.

and so, in between my being sick and the dragging, broken-record quality evening fights with david, i went househunting with jesse.

the 3-bedroom units look nicer. and bigger. and more attractive.


and way out of my budget.


how can i afford this?


i remember asking jesse the other night, “i cant afford it. we have to stick to that 2-bedroom unit.”

“yeah, i guess.” she said sadly, her eyes not leaving the quotation of the 3-br unit we both fell in love with/

deciding which house to buy is supposed to be very exciting. and because neither of us was thrilled about it, i find it not quite right to buy it just because it fits into my budget.

“perhaps we wait.” i said out loud after a while. “i am sure we can find something as nice as that that is within my budget.”

her eyes lit up. “i’ll do research.” she said and turned to her guru, the world wide web.

the phone rang.

“if thats one of them real estate agents again, tell them i am not here. i am sleeping, i am on a date, i am taking a bath, i am looking for that lost turtle. i talked to enough agents already.” i said to no one in particular (my two other siblings were in the living room, too).

“i will take that and talk to them.” jesse offered.

i watched her as she asked the agent questions. i watched her as she relayed to him what it is i want.

i watched her and i remembered once more what it is, apart from love and a year and a month age difference, that bound the two of us together.

contrary to the popular belief, it is jesse that always saves my ass.

not the other way around. the things i do for her are in no way tantamount to the things she has done for me. because the things she did, she has done them even when she has nothing.

and if that isn’t amazing enough a truth between sisters, i do not know what else is there.


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