Pearl Farm, Davao: Infinities @ the pool

(chronicled from memory of the august2006 trip)

far from being a morning person, i finally got used to not remembering how a sunrise looks like. i have not seen it in years.


it was quite a wonder when i finally got to see one as the plane touched down on Davao International Airport. for someone who went solo for a holiday planned for two, this was a welcomed experience. i have heard a lot about how upscale Pearl Farm Resort and have read about couples’, families’, and groups’ magnificient experience with the place. i am yet to hear how a solo traveller found it.

the journey to samal island where pearl farm resort is located was uneventful but the scenery that greeted us transformed us into a different place, away from the hustle and bustle of a city life.


this is the place you would want to go for a honeymoon. or for that long-anticipated soul searching. or for that duly-deserved break from the pressures and stress of the corporate world. Pearl Farm Beach Resort in the Garden Island City of Samal, a 45-minute boat ride from the main city of davao, has been hailed as one of the premiere destination in the archipelago for couples.

so, how do i- a backpacker, solitary girl in her twenties– found it?

the Samal House accommodation is a cottage on stilts, with direct view of the ocean and malipano island. and the view below is what you can see the first thing you open the glass doors and smell the morning air.


the buffet meals were sumptuous; no single dish was repeated on the entire time i was there (three days). i absolutely remember loving their breakfast. the restaurant faces the infinity pool, where i dipped on those times of the day the beach down below was too hot for a swim.

overall, the comfort and quality of the service was worth the price i paid for the package. (it would have been way way better if david made it to the holiday, but that’s another story). the place is particularly not a backpacker’s choice; but you get what you paid for.


one warning though for holiday makers looking for some nightlife action: you aren’t gonna get it here. the beach resort shut down after 10pm. but then, getting the booze and pissing one’s self into a hang over isn’t something pearl farm committed to its guest. the serenity of the place, the smell of the morning, the sound of the waves, the calmness of the mind… these are what they were known for.

and oh yes, do not go all by yourself. bring someone with you. this place is not for experiencing alone.

more pictures here.


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