honey, you are obsessed!

the long holiday in the province (and the horrific experience i had while scouting for my younger sister’s dormitory in iloilo- which i will write about in separate post) and the unusually busy time at the office thereafter made it impossible for me to keep updates on my blog.

this i have noticed after four years of blogging; when a lot of things are happening in my life, it is very difficult to blog about it. this, i based on my own experience. thus, i do not assume the rest of the heavy bloggers (who made at least a post everyday) have nothing much going on in their lives.

i have particularly been busy with my personal cash management, too. something that i suspect david found more alarming each day. every night as we talked, since the start of this year, i would give him unsolicited updates on how well i was managing my cash (which i always end up overspending). he seems impressed about my endurance but was obviously perplexed about the surging level of my fascination with my “sheet”.

i could play around my cash management excel sheet for hours and not be bored by it. it is quite unclear at some point what pulls me into it: the excitement of playing with numbers or the determination to start my way to financial freedom.

to say that i am on my way to the latter is unfounded; it will still take me years and years. but i have taken the first step: be debt-free. it took two resignations and one year from 2005 to settle all the debts i have build up since i started working in 2001. having surfaced victorious from the horrors of credit card debts and car payments and salary loans, it would have been expected that i shall learn my lesson well.

oh, well. depression somehow got along the way. but that’s another story.

for now, this is an introductory post of what this new category is all about. i shall do david a favour and unload from his shoulder the burden of having to endure my unsolicited updates on how well or how bad i am performing against my monthly budget, or what unplanned expenses are hurting my disposable income, or why it took me hours to trace where my Php15.35 variance went.

and coupled with elated discipline, i look forward to find myself achieving second base: fully established an emergency fund equals to 6 months of my monthly expenses.

perhaps i am carrying this too far. but, hey, that is just me.


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