goodbye, egay- said my hair and sobbed

my hair dresser for six years left the oh-not-so-glorious life in metro manila and went back to cebu province.

this news i have accepted with a heavy heart.

the hard thing about practicing exclusivity is that it leaves no allowance for anything outside it. i do not only have a hair that’s screaming salon maintenance, i also am deeply threaten to even start finding someone else to do it.

if you come to think of it, finding the right hairdresser is like choosing the right accountant. you want someone knowledgeable enough to recommend a course of decision without a fear that he might ripped you off in the process. or employing a lawyer. or perhaps, a wedding planner. even, a real estate agent.

with egay, all i need to do was sit on the swivel chair and he would do his business with my hair right away. i could read the magazine or engage in a call without having to worry if he is gonna mess my hair up or not. he always end up making such an impression on my hair people who was waiting for a haircut would always ask what was done on mine and ended up getting the same service.

my hair suddenly aged overnight after hearing the news. the scary anticipation of that time to come when it has to be maintained (otherwise it will look like a coconut fiber) was enough to make it lose what luster remains of it.

egay gave me the best service for the most affordable price. what some acquaintance of mine pay for Php8000, i get for only less than 20% of that. the best thing about it was that i swear i can land on a shampoo commercial right afterwards (no kidding!).

oh well, everything does come to an end.

even the good ones.


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