journeys to memory lane, something like this one:

one of the many things i hate is that when people dont flush the office toilet properly. it was actually the idea of using a public toilet and strangers’ mixed attitude on their usage of such that it took me 20 years before i even used one.

although, i can still vividly recall from my memory events in grade school (second grade specifically) where my bestfriend jane and i would ran into the back of the school where there’s this rich black sand, pull down our panties and pee. we then spat on where we peed to scare away the dwarves and protect ourselves from the enchanted creatures that might have find fascination on us through our urine.

obviously, judging from the distinct odour of urine in the vicinity, it was pretty clear it wasn’t a best-kept secret. nor the spitting on the urine a practice common to only two silly second graders. it was a pretty well known belief that if you pee on public places, you made yourself vulnerable to enchanted forces and therefore you have to pee on your urine to protect yourself.

i do not know who made the stupid rules. but because way back then, we always thought mushrooms are houses of the dwarves and because there are always mushrooms sprouting out everywhere, we were happy to comply with the practice. we did not even question what power the saliva holds that if indeed all of it is true, it can protect us somehow. that’s superstition for you, ladies and gentlemen.

“yuck. that’s disgusting.” david said when i told him that.

one has to realize though that i attended public grade school in the 80’s. and as long as i can remember, we never had any restroom or toilet rooms. nobody seem to think it was important though i am sure lots of children probably suffered for the lack of it. but then, those were the times where a class of fifty has to share twenty books. where the chairs look like they should have been retired during my mother’s time. where it was alright for teachers to scold and hit the students (we never thought we could actually complain when they do, that it was against our rights. nobody taught us that then.)

and so, we peed. and spat. and then we graduate and move on.

there are things i have done in the ancient past that i am not proud of when i recall them now. they are the ones i have forgotten as i grew up and found i could actually reinvent myself. but whenever journeys like this- journeys to the memory lane- brought them fresh back from memory, i get a feeling like there is a missing link of who i am now and who i was before.

the brain is an amazing piece of work. imagine all these thoughts being put into writing just because i was pissed that somebody at work did not flush the toilet properly.

it is amazing, isn’t it?


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