ive finished a book in two hours because of the traffic jam

the only time i am never late is during interviews.

it was rightfully just so that my threshold for the interviewers to show up is thirty minutes after the “supposedly” interview time. i am very particular on that. either they show up and face me or i head for the door and not look back.

so, it was a surprise to myself that after cups and cups of figaro’s white chocolate mocha, a 242-page book and two hours later, i was still on my seat waiting patiently for the hr director to show up. he was stuck in the traffic jam along julio vargas avenue for hours (true enough, it was traffic everywhere in ortigas tonight). normally, i would be enraged, especially since i did not really applied for an interview rather, i was invited for one.

by 7:30 (the interview was supposedly slotted at 5pm), he apologized and asked if we can reschedule.

i told my headhunter about it right afterwards and she called me, apologizing repeatedly. surprisingly, i wasn’t angry (i had no reason to; the traffic was really bad. but looking back in the past, i do get angry irregardless of the reason, as long as i was being made to wait). i was pretty cool telling her about what happened and that i am actually reconsidering cancelling the interview with the big bosses tomorrow. i would rather talk to the hr director first, i told her, cause i would like to get an assessment of the company from the hr resource to see if their culture impresses me. besides, i told her, i am not really actively looking for a job. i wasn’t looking for a job. i have one, and i just got a really generous bonus for my last six month’s performance. and if i continue what i am doing, i know i am gonna get another one in the next six months. and did i mention there was that promotion, too?

but, they are your client. you have built impressions of them more soundly than i have, i continued, i would like to trust your opinion on this whole thing. i do not want to travel all the way to alabang tomorrow if it is not worth it.

it would be silly to expect her to tell me its alright to cancel the panel interview with the big bosses. they arranged it to fall on a saturday just because i said i cannot go there on a weekday. please go and meet them, she said, i am sorry about what happened today but i am sure you will get a very good glimpse of the company when you meet the executives tomorrow.

i have high hopes i would. but there’s also that part of me that secretly wish i wouldn’t. i have almost signed a job offer more than once and decided the last minute i do not really want it. this job has offered me so much more outside the boundaries of my office. why, at this particular point in my twenties, would i want to gear away from that?

and as i ponder on that question while i am writing this now, the traffic down below glared. life, it seems from where i am- seventeen floors up looking down, was on a standstill.


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