once upon a time, i met a swiss guy named dani

dani emailed me the other day after his 4-day trip to afghanistan (gasps!) and after he settled comfortably in his posh office in dubai. i told him i was worried when i didn’t hear anything from him after he left switzerland for work, knowing afghanistan isn’t obviously the safest place for a business trip.

apparently, he was rather excited with his new assignment.

there was no mention about a certain swiss girl whom he was so smitten of just weeks ago. i gathered, then, that it was a matter done and over with. with dani, love is always in bite-size brownie pieces; not overwhelming nor threatening. i sometimes wish i look at love like that. instead, i have visions of a three-layered cake.

i told him about the recently concluded dive-o-rama activity with the PPD (he is always proud of my progress with a campari bottle), the bonus i’m entitled to receive (ahhh! the smell of money!), and david’s planned holiday in august. he sent me rude and witty buttons and an even silly you tube video.

this was the closest we can get to the friendship.

after a while, one gets used to how things are. for dani, moving away or moving forward was never an issue. he was doing it all throughout his life. for me, sometimes, it feels like its an ordeal.

surprisingly, i am managing just fine.

maybe thats the legacy of the truest friendships. there’s absolutely no pressure in maintaining it as it is.


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