how about a canon400d? or a southeast asia tour? hmmmn?

ever since i diligently started tracking my financial status and rehauling my financial priorities, i somehow found myself asking twice everytime i spend some cash. i am a little surprised at myself for not getting exasperated with myself by now. at the back of my mind, i still have that little fear this whole idea of moneducation is nothing but one of those addictions i have from time to time.

i hope not. i really am liking this.

and so, right now, i am confronted with the need to decide what to do with my bonus. i did not include any of my performance pays for the sole reason that they are never official until they are official. and now that i know its definitely gonna come, i am torn with what i am going to do with it.

its not for the lack of uses. i still didn’t attain the necessary level of my emergency fund. my internet cafe business at home is still so far from being operational.

actually, what i can do is put my entire bonus to either of these two and locked them away from any impulsive, itchy palms.

but i don’t really want to do that. not all of it. i made it clear to myself that i do not want this entire personal finance reengineering feels like a punishment or an ordeal for me. i still want to enjoy my money, and i want to enjoy some of them now. there’s the 30G video ipod that would be really cool. and the canon 400D camera. or an u/w camera. and theres the southeast asia trip i have been meaning to take. and the seair adventure pass for 45 days.

and the list can go on. and on. and on.

after careful consideration, i came up with a ratio of 50/25/20/5. 50% will go to the internet cafe business to additionally fund whatever is needed to get the location operation-ready. 25% goes straight to my forced savings. 20% goes straight to my holiday/capital purchase fund and the remaining 5% will be my splurge allowance.

i feel happy with the split. it is something i can live by without feeling guilty or otherwise. and it works for me. although i do not really have an idea now where to spend the 5% at this moment (can you honestly believe that?!), i am sure when i received the bonus, i would be able to think of something. the important thing is, i am not compromising my present needs to quickly address my future wants.

oh dear, i wish i can make this principle work in other areas in my life. but then, on the second thought, i don’t think i would really have the guts to want to.


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