rest assured, you’re adored.

z, who, surprisingly, is climbing the charts as one of my favourite conversationalists (trust me, there aren’t that many), introduced a song i now am listening for the last god-knows-how many hours. continuously.

daniel (the dane, not the swiss) once complained why i do not have normal songs in my laptop. he couldn’t dig bright eyes or brett dennen or death cab for cutie or badly drawn boy, even. he was looking for sting and u2 and oasis. i do not know why i do not have them in my laptop; perhaps because there’s already a million and more individuals drowning in their kind of music.

perhaps. sometimes, it is not clear to me why i do the things i do.

i used to listen to augie march’s one crowded hour for three straight days; the song continuously playing even when i was sleeping. it wasn’t the first song; there have been other songs in the past. and yes, there will be other songs in the future.

could my confusion be a by-product of listening to the same song over and over again? they are particularly not happy songs. and music has a way of creeping into your subconscious and starts a residence there.

if that is somehow true, then i wouldn’t be so worried about what i am feeling right now. i could always listen to “so happy together”(the turtles) or “top of the world”(carpenters) or “beautiful day” (u2) and before i know it, i would be bouncing to cloud#9.

but could it be something else? do i secretly hope it is something else?

i guess i wouldn’t have to wait for long. in the light of recent developments, everything will soon be made clear.

that, or i would end up buying a 400D i do not need.


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