a non-diver? oh! you’re gonna be in so much trouble.

i think i am falling in love.he said.

of why he logged into msn at 3am in the morning, drunk and happy from his 3rd date with a girl, i have no friggin idea. perhaps, he expected someone will be online. or perhaps, its just one of those applications that runs everytime you turn your laptop on. nevertheless, i knew he was back from a date because he mentioned he might be going out for another date with her a few days ago.

oh, my god. i am so excited for you. i told him. i really am, a few weeks ago, he waslooking at the future with less enthusiasm of ever meeting ms. right. not that he gave up, but he wasn’t raising his hopes up anymore.

and now, this.

i really like her, he said.

of course you do. i told him. nobody reaches a 3rd date with people they couldn’t stand. i am so happy for you. so how was it? where did you go? what did you do? when are you seeing her again?

he answered those questions one by one and told me there isn’t enough hours in a day. i told him it shouldn’t be a problem as there are 7 days in a week anyway. and 52 weeks in a year. and ten years in a decade. he has all the time.

no, still not enough. he said. we are spending the weekend together. i really, really like her.

i have no idea how she looks like or how she carry herself or how she behaves or how she talks. i have no idea if she was in it for real or not. but i know enough details about him to know what he wants. and that she makes him really happy, it could only be a good thing.

i am so happy for you. i told him again. is she a diver?

not that it really matters but his love for underwater and photography gives him a momentary fulfillment and that diving has become a part of his life. it was natural for me to ask. divorce comes after diving in yellow pages, a joke states. it may or may not be true but it is far simpler if there’s a ground for common interest.

it doesn’t matter. she can always stay at the resort. he answered. and what about you?

there is no story to tell. i told him.

ah-ha, i know there was something there. he said and laughed. you know, it just boils down to what you really want. do not fight it.

there is no story to tell. i insisted stubbornly.

but there is always a story to tell.

for him, it is falling in love when he least expect it with a girl he had no idea he will meet.

and that is a happy story.


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