june 2007: personal finance monthly report

i still did not forget about my personal finance objectives. i just happened to consume too much boxes of pizza and dined a lot (comfort food, people). when someone is down, that someone tends to splurge.

last may, my month’s performance was way off the budget that the actuals look like it was for two months. for june, however, i was showing a lot of improvement.

i still posted a negative variance versus my forecast. but unlike may, the overspending is not as material and can be attributed to utility bills (phone bills, specifically) and sibling’s allowances.

so what happened in june?

except for the breakup (okay, sorry, i still get carried away sometimes), a couple of financially-related things are worth mentioning about.

for one, i was finally done funding my emergency fund. i now have six months worth of my current level of expenses set aside for rainy days. another, the internet cafe at home is finally ready for business; computer tables are now constructed, everything has been painted, and the floor is already varnished. now, i just need to buy the ten units of packaged gaming pcs and other start up components and then the cafe is good to start its operations.

i also received a performance bonus in june of which half of it shall be used to fund the business at home and the other half split between additional savings(or investment) and my holiday (vacation to you americans) fund.

moving forward, i have three priorites for july. one would be getting the internet cafe business up and running. another is looking at other options where to put my emergency fund (time deposits are not really giving me a lot of returns on interest right now) without having to sacrifice flexibility to withdraw them in cases of emergencies and without the risk of losing the capital investment. the third one is finally putting the untagged savings to mutual funds or UITF products.

on the fun side, i do not have any confirmed out-of-town or diving plans for this month so my allowance for this would be sitting pretty in my bank account until one of you lot would fancy luring me out of the metropolis and into- say, camotes island in cebu perhaps.

but, there are great movies coming up in theatres for this month. there is a large possibility i might get into watching them at greenbelt for free but i am seriously planning on getting the girls responsible for this good karma a nice dinner and ample alcohol shots one of these days.

wrapping up, i could have splurged and screwed personal finance when i was feeling down last week. i am glad having my hearts on my sleeve could only mean i can get melodramatic only up to a certain point.

hey, i still desire the 400d sometimes. but a holiday in september sounds much, much, much nicer to look forward to.


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