dani says i was being a bitch but he adores me anyway.

dani (the swiss, not the dane) popped up a skype message for me the other day while in the middle of one of his boardroom meetings. he was dead bored with the meeting, would i please talk to him? i did not mind though because there was so many things i have to fill him in. dani has been quite busy the past few weeks and (surprise!) this time it is actually due to work, not because of girls.

he asked me how i was feeling and if i have worked around the relationship strain already. yes, he knows about all these things. he hates really hearing stuff like this on normal days; that was how i figured out he must be really bored with his meeting to be asking me such question.

i would have preferred not to talk about it; there are just some things you cannot talk about over and over again because, well, because talking about it only makes it worse. but i talked anyway.

“your honesty to yourself keeps on surprising me!” he said.

i am not the world’s most honest person. but what i am proud of is that, i am always honest with myself. the joke would be lost on me if i wasn’t.

less than midway in our conversation, we shifted to lighter topics (e.g. his plan to come back to PI in october to do some serious boracay partying, among other things, his working life in dubai and how he can actually save money this time around, etc.), a sign that the psychology class session with him was officially over. dani is particularly not the best psychoanalyst around but then, i do not need one. i have been psycho-analyzing my self for as long as i can remember (i am quite pretty good at it,too!) that i do not need somebody else’s opinion anymore.

but dani can asks me questions not a lot of people have the guts to ask me, and for someone to do that, he must be pretty confident that we have shared a comfortable level of friendship.

no, i do not have lots of friends. but the kind of friends i have, they are for keeps.


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