punks and the way of life

my 28-year old spanish friend, antonio, showed me a picture of his bruised arm after watching a punk concert in london. here are some of my punk show presents. he chuckled.

oh my god, how much do you guys pay to get into one of those concerts?

some money, he chuckled some more.

unbelievable. i must have loved a man so much to come with him to shows like that. i told him, frowning. so who is your favorite band?

bad religion.

that sounds kind of controversial. (after a few seconds in google, googling bad religion, i found the band’s official site). so, is gregg graffin your favorite among the members?

stttttoppppp. gregg graffin is my HERO.

let me guess, he is one of them socially-misunderstood individual.

HE IS AMAZING. he is smart, too.

(google-help again). holy shit, he has a PH.D in Biology? wow, i like this guy already!

that proves that the punks are not silly people. check his punk manifesto. http://www.badreligion.com

it took me a while to find where the punk manifesto was in the website. it is an interesting essay, but then, defining where one belongs to is always an interesting thing. doctor griffin defined punk as “a belief that this world is what we make of it, truth comes from our understanding of the way things are, not from the blind adherence to prescriptions about the way things should be. ”

cool, huh. as i get older, i begin to realize that everybody is a poet, at some given point in their lives, if not in their current state. i told pepe, afterwards “you should educate the rest of the punks. i am not sure they realize what it is really like to be one. you, chico, you belong to the elite punk (a creation of yours truly) and there are the masses punks (another of my crazy group divisions) who like all the masses in any given country, often lack the needed education that helps them understand who they really are.”

i am a smart one, not a poser.

elites are not posers, chico. i do not think so. i think, the elitist punks understood the essence of being a punk. you do. now you have the responsibility to your fellow punk to educate them, lest they will go astray, into the dark hallways of utter ignorance of the whole essence of their existence.

you are craaaaazyyyyyy.

i do believe i am. all 92lbs of me. crazy, mad, deranged… name it. but this is one crazy girl that learns new things everyday. today, (and i know its really crazy) i learned that there is more to being a punk than getting drugged and wasted in the concert. i do not know their world and because i do not, i never tried understanding it or them. it is a mystery to me why people travel across continents to watch a concert and get bruises in the process. it is a mystery to me why my 17-year old brother, a self-proclaimed punk, starts looking more like a homeless lunatic with his hair in a mess everyday. it is a mystery to me why my 15-year old sister is crazy with skeletons and disturbing signages and adores emo.

but perhaps, we are all alike. punks, poets, artists, scientists, bankers, doctors, teachers, lovers, friends… we embrace what we believe liberates us, irregardless of whether it really does or not.

after all, how can a preference be wrong? you tell me.


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