iPhone and Passion with a capital p

after spending almost a Php150k on my own cellphones alone from 2000 to 2006 (no, i do not have two cellphones at a time, i just happened to lose them really fast before) and after vowing that the ipaq is going to be the last and most expensive phone i will buy for myself and after ending up giving it to jesse on its 3rd month in exchange for the n73 early christmas gift i gave to her, i vowed that it will be the last time i am going to let myself drool over the latest phone offerings in the market.

i never looked back since. besides, these days, i rarely used my cellphone for anything but make and receive calls. even the free 600 sms allowance every month is barely untouched (which is really worrying me as i seriously think thats php600 savings for both my two teenage siblings’ text allowance). neither am i thrilled about the 3.2mp built in camera when my canon powershot can capture shots way better than my n73 can. nor am i utilizing the mp3 feature as the only time i want to listen to some music is when i am facing my laptop, and even then, i have my hp dv2000 for that.

so, when i heard about the raves and sensation that the iPhone had caused, i didn’t blink an eye. must be a really nice phone, im sure, but i am not interested anymore. perhaps it was initial disinterest that made me absolutely ignorant about how powerful the iPhone can be but now that it is out in the market, i am still about to fully run through its feature.

i was quite surprised that upon stumbling upon his blog, i realized there are actually people who stayed up the entire night waiting for its initial release.

reminded me of the crazy university enrolment process way back silliman days. man, i ought to give the person, who thought of the idea to start lining up at 9pm for the enrolment the following day, some serious poking if i can only remember now who the moron was. but then, that’s another story.

moving on.

w-o-w. i never stayed up the entire night for something in my entire life. i stayed up for some people and well, alcohol too but not like this- waiting for the store to open so i can buy it.

now, besides jon’s answer that he was starting to line up for the iPhone at 4am, the other answer that interest me in that short interview he posted in his blog is this:

How many are you buying?
Two 8GB. One for me, one for my girlfriend.;)

oh, ^&%(@*. lucky girlfriend.

i like equally passionate people. seriously. there should be more of us in this lousy world so we can make this madder than it already is.


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