this could cost you your job

a news was posted in inquirer regarding a woman cop who might be discharged from service after a pic of her in red bra posted in her friendster account reached management.

oh my god.

some people just do not get it. i did post pics of me in my two-piece swimsuit in my friendster account but i was at the beach and wearing a swimsuit at the beach seems a perfectly natural thing to do. (and no, you cannot view my friendster profile anymore because i deleted it when david and i broke up.)

but to post a pic of one in your undies and broadcast it to the world along with you in your police uniform is just… so wrong.

but…but…you may ask, can we not live our lives freely without the shadows of our work responsibility stalking us all the fucking time? it is already bad enough our pay is so lame (well, maybe not in my case, but anyway…) and the working hours long (well, maybe not in my case, too, but anyway…). it doesn’t seem fair that something that eats too much of our day still follows us for what few remaining hours that’s left.

and you may say, we wouldn’t have make a big deal about this if we are fucking celebrities. at least they get glamour and they get paid.

i do agree with you on that one. and i also agree that this government has no right to cut that much taxes from us without any worthy benefit but they go withhold 30% every fucking time anyway.

but it only takes some reasonable amount of common sense when it comes to dealing with the world wide web (apparently, common sense is not so common these days). do not post anything that you cannot defend later on, or worse, that you will regret when compromised. i do have strong issues against people who do not have enough balls to show their true identity in the net but then, that is how they protect their asses from getting burned. its lame, yes, but then, they’re street-smarter than you are now. they’re still safe in their silly alter egos and aliases, and you… you’re now in some real deep shit.

dani (the swiss not the dane; and i am really getting tired having to keep on specifying this) asked me once if it isn’t quite a sign of “exhibitionism” to be maintaining a public blog. why on earth would be the reason for keeping one except to earn an audience? what is so fun about broadcasting your latest heartbreak or your worse haircut or how much you are willing to pay to bed sean connery?

this is me. i may or may not crave for an audience (but i have them anyway). i may or may not be compromising my privacy. i may or may not be sharing details i am not supposed to broadcast to the world.

but hey, this is me. i take whole responsibility for everything i wrote in here as i take responsibility on all choices i made in my life.

so, when are you gonna start taking charge of yours?


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