don’t you just love being in PI?

my favourite spa closed down its business.

this, i took with a heavy heart. i was really looking forward to a very relaxing sauna time (i finally found a schedule where i can have the sauna all for myself- and oh! imagine having an unlimited time alone in a sauna) before jumping into a one-and-a-half-hour massage with my favourite masseuse.

i didn’t get any of those.

and so, i decided to try the number deo gave me days ago about a massage business that entertains housecalls. the two-hour massage in the comforts of my apartment (and even without the sauna- gasps!) was so good i swear i was drooling as i was put into slumber. the downside of not having any sauna time was fully compensated by the fact that after the massage, i do not need to move at all.

and the best thing about it is that i only paid Php600 (with tip) for the entire two-hour service!

zsolt almost slipped from his bed when he heard this. “two-hour massage! i want one of those on my birthday!!!”

ahhh, he shall get it when he’s here. for the meantime, he can drool in envy.

but i should have known the things zsolt makes me do.

i did not get any sleep at all. it was so fun watching him eat.


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