400-lb in a two piece bikini; what business is it of yours?

there was an inquiry by a newbie diver on what to wear under a wetsuit (when diving). when i started the sport, i noticed that its mostly boardwalk shorts for men and shorts over swimsuits for women.

i wear two-piece bikini under my wetsuit and nothing else. my reasons are simple: (1)i can dry up fast during surface intervals the lesser clothing i have on and that when i am, i can put on my shorts and stroll around the beach without it dripping like crazy, (2) i am very comfortable with it. i guess it helps when you do not have big boobs, its one less reason for men to stare at you. if i am well-endowed, id probably have a diving shirt on otherwise if looks can kill, id probably murder half the men i see around.

one male diver argued that unless you aren’t along the likes of the “swedish bikini team”, do yourself a favour and put a baggy shorts and an even baggier teeshirt on. he said he has problems enough that seeing “walruses” (that was his term) popped on the sand belly first makes everything worse.

i find this incredibly unfair. although i do agree that women -and men alike- must have at least some enough sense to wear what they are most comfortable with without causing an uproar from the general public (think of FHM shooting of a sexy star in her bikinis along the traffic-ingested EDSA highway), i do not think it is right to inform someone she cannot wear something because she is fat and because it is making other people barf.

perhaps, this is the reason why i have everything against fashion. fashion destroys the real essence of why people wear clothes. i can never understand how normal people can wear the kind of clothes that make it to the runway. there is a reason why clothing is at the bottom of maslow’s hierarchy of needs: it is a necessity, gaddamnit, and basic necessities do not select people based on their weight tags.

men should understand that not all women dress up to please them or their eyes or that dangling thing between their legs. we wear the clothes we are comfortable with and it doesn’t matter if we are a-90-lb charmer or a 400-lb grandmother, the beach says it is alright to wear swimsuits.

and so we fucking do it.

i am not being a hypocrite. i do sometimes wonder why some people wear the stuff they do. i always believe that we can always know what look good on us and that if we are not sure about it, it will be very transparent to the rest of the world. but wearing swimsuits at the beach or at the pool is not comparable with who should only wear tubes and skimpy skirts to the bars.

there’s a reason why swimsuits are cut that way and it is for comfort and practicality first and foremost. when i am diving or at the beach, i want something i can both use in the water and out of it. swimsuits work like magic; it keeps you covered in necessary places and it dries up really fast. i do not think your weight has a say on whether or not you can wear one.

and i do not definitely agree that men have a say on it either. the eyes can roam freely, they have options where to look at. if they have enough sense, they would know what to do. they ought not to blame people for the choices these people made them do.

not at the beach.


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