hey, stop influencing me…!

“i have so many things to teach you!!!”

i looked at zsolt and wrinkled a brow. should all the men in my life say that?

we were talking about his bike and how fast he can ride it. (dani once drove my honda in the south skyway at 160km/hr and i was swearing the entire time. if he continued doing it for ten more minutes then, i swear i would have pissed in my pants.) so, bike and racing is so not for me. besides, i drive my car really slow (that was why having a driver then worked really well for me) and i do not think i am about to go any faster than 80km/hr anytime soon.

oh no, no, no.

i do not even know how to ride a bike. i like riding things that can stand on its on and it really helps if it has four wheels or legs (i had a pony once and boy, can i horseback). and automatic (yes, please).

one of the many worse memories of me with bikes involved my cousin Ver who sat on the edge of my school skirt uniform while revving up the honda and for some reason it thrown me off the seat. my skirt’s edge was tucked between the cushion and his ass and i was down on the ground with 10% of my high school’s population witnessing it.

talk about embarrassment. i might have as well stripped my skirt off and saved myself the fall.

but hey, it is a neat stuff to add in my 100 things to do. learn how to ride a bike.

and you know what?

i think i am looking forward to that.


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