july 2007: personal finance monthly report

and i thought june was a bad month.

with july a day away from being over, i took a good summary look at my cash management worksheet and swore. i was far worse off this month than last month. for some reason, despite of trying to diligently track where my cash go, i always end up having a couple of thousands unaccounted for. aside from that, everything else is good.

how could this happen?

i do not know as of this point. what i do know is that these are related to the cash taken out from my wallet everytime i am home. i can account the ones i spent myself; what i cannot account of are the little bills i handed over to buy various stuff from meat to a litre of Coca Cola to a pack of Boy Bawang and to pay for the laundry bills, so on and so forth. i mean, jeez, i cannot keep on updating my worksheet everytime a peso is taken out of my wallet.

i am a geek; but i haven’t arrived to that point yet.

which brings me to the question i asked myself now, “up to what point do i have to track my expenses?”

i am the person who wouldn’t mind tracking it to the last cent but what i do mind is the idea of having to do so. in fact, after looking at my performance since the start of this year, i believe it is the right time for me to start concentrating more on how to stick to my budget rather than getting more worked up on accounting for the daily nitty, gritty expenses. i know by now that my budget is reasonable, and the reason that i seem to always go past it is because i was not really diligent enough to follow it.

on the good side, i have few achievements during july. inspite of jesse and rovic being sick and needed medical attention, i was able to keep my emergency fund intact. on top of it, i was able to put away the needed compulsory savings to my “for investment fund”. this of course isn’t as grand as my june achievements; but hey, i don’t receive performance bonus every month!

i have also decided to invest some of my emergency fund to Security Bank’s power savings account which offers me a very good rate, granting i will not make more than one withdrawal every month (which is okay for me as i am not going to touch it anyway, unless it is an emergency); the rest of it stays on a more flexible but lower interest deposit account. i locked my “for investment” fund for 6 months in a financial instrument that pays 12% p.a. (thanks to Giov who gave me this option, although Zsolt did say i ought to have negotiated for more!)

the internet cafe on the other hand is waiting for the PCs and mother finally knows how to use microsoft office applications.

so, what do i have to concentrate on in august?

i have to get the car shipped from the province back to manila at the lowest possible cost. i have to stick to my budget this time considering there is that upcoming holiday with zsolt to think of. i really, really need to do a soft opening of the internet cafe before the month ends.

and i need two new pairs of two-piece swimsuits.

should i manage to do all that (especially the bikini purchase- you have no idea how hard it is for a girl my size to find the perfect pair), then i can close august a happy girl.


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