oh, the bill is here; so who pays what?

there was a heated discussion over at SB regarding who should pay what when two people go out on a date.

and so i asked a number of filipino guys what they think (although, that is really unnecessary as i know filipino culture like i know the back of my hand. if you hang around guys too long, you tend to catch their drift). and as expected, i didn’t really found anything new to what i already am aware of.

filipino men pay for official dates all the time. of course when you start going official, the rules may change a little bit. official would be like asking a girl out for a date outright, not asking the girl if she likes to join you for movies or check out that new resto (i used to misunderstand the latter as the former before;i have wisen up now). official would be like “hey, i am interested and i want to see if you are so let’s go out on a date.”

filipino men pay all the time; oh, trust me, i’ve seen lots of boy[space]friends went broke for dating a girl too long.

this, i couldn’t understand. i told zsolt this.

it also surprised me to learn that for some non-Filipino guys, they actually expect the girl to pay on first date and demanded so.

this, i couldn’t understand either. i told zsolt the same.

i always pay for my dates (except when i was going out with deo, of which i was broke all the time, thus the incapability!) and that is for practical reason. i am not going to inconvenient myself getting stuck with a guy who couldn’t carry a conversation just because he was paying for dinner. i would rather pay my share and leave; i can do better with my time. now, if i let somebody pay in behalf of me, i would have to sit through the entire date. hey, there is no such thing as free anything.

but on another hand, it would pissed me off if someone has to demand splitting the bill before i have the chance to offer my share. duh. if a guy can’t be charming enough to know when to wait for the timing, then the guy is not charming enough. period.

and so, what is my issue with filipino men paying for dates all the time?

because i have seen so many screwed up relationship happening because the guy has “invested” too much in the dating stage already.

you know what? the reason there are high-maintenance girls is because you spoil them so much, so often.

if she cannot laugh at your jokes over Mcdonald’s french fries and chocolate sundae, chances are, she is faking it when you brought her to Outback.


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