this is what you get for dating a blogger

foo made a comment on my previous entry. he said that the worst kind of woman to date are those who think they are low-maintenance girls when in fact they aren’t.

it is very easy to spot a high-maintenance one from a mile. it doesn’t take a genius or five dates to see the signs.

but the ones foo mentioned though are very tricky. they are the ones who are almost perfect in the beginning. she can eat take away chinese food anywhere. she rarely goes to powder room for a retouch. she does not care if you send her home or not. she does not question where you were last friday night. she can talk about their bad habits (though you never seem to think she could every have those) with no fuss. she likes your friends in all your friends’ strangeness; and your friends like her, too. she thinks flowers and chocolates are a good waste of money, “let’s get a decent dinner instead”, she’d say. she doesn’t question the fact that you actually find other girls “hot”. she listens and asks. in short, she is amazing and you are a lucky bastard you get to date her.

and when you get to really be fond of her, she goes psychotic.

suddenly, she starts digging up the past. she doesn’t demand you see her all the time but starts to probe a story behind your actions if you don’t. she gets too worked up on relationship issues that aren’t really there. she does things that drive you crazy. she gets too hot one minute and indifferent the next.

her argument would always make sense when you listen to her even if you know precisely it is irrelevant. but telling her of its irrelevance only worsen things up and so you chose not to comment. and before you knew it, you suddenly find yourself only happy in the relationship when she’s feeling happy and confused and frustrated when she is not.

who the fuck screwed with the plugs?

i asked foo if he thinks i am one of these girls. it was unnecessary that i did so as foo and i never dated and the thought of an attraction would feel like incest. he wasn’t around to witness the past relationships i had and neither was- and is- a confidante of mine.

but i had the need to ask as i have, lately, become very fond of a certain guy and i do not want to scare him away, not soon. not anytime if i can help it.

zsolt poked me today for not posting new entries (can you believe it? someone is actually making sure i keep on writing!). i warned him he ought to be more careful with what he is reminding me of.

he laughed. “then i’ll be in trouble!”.

ahhhhhh, the butterflies danced.


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