its the future that counts now; the past is history, after all.

tonight, i met 7 of the 17 classmates i earned my degree with 7.5 years ago. lorie, who works for Ernst & Young UK in London, seems to find it more comfortable for her to have her executive check up done here than there that she flew out of the UK to come back to PI for it. it was a good she came over, otherwise, i wouldn’t know when would i ever see these folks again (except for giov who seems to be always available and randy who is always reachable).

so much changed; maybe except giov still being an arse (Jerry did say he was still an inch of what he was way back university days). i was very glad and elated when i heard the news Glenn got promoted to a director’s level in Price Waterhouse Cooper’s county affiliate, SGV a few weeks ago. now, having a colleague who is a tax director in the country’s largest accounting firm would come in handy! Jerry is taking a 2-year study leave from work, but with pay and bonuses to finish his MBA and Masters in Economics. now, you gotta love working in the government!

randy, who is blessed continuously, commented that he is always happy to see where our careers are moving. we were always the “most driven” class, if not that, then a very passionate one. it was our batch after all that kicked UP out of first place when we had a 100% passing rate in the board exam.

nobody was complaining during dinner. nobody was boasting, either. i guess we have moved past that ages ago. instead, we talk about moreno’s son and philipp’s daughter and jokingly considered if a marriage arrangement would have been viable for the kids. we teased lorie for having to endure the crappy English weather. we talked – no surprises here- about the random girls giov dated. we asked jerry how he found the quality of graduate school teaching at Ateneo (as giov and i earned our Masters in Finance there a few years back). we listened to randy talking about how contentment lies in accepting one’s self for what one truly is.

we had shared too many good laughs about the people who weren’t there because that always bound to happen. there is a good reason why one shouldn’t miss gatherings like that. it is always easier to talk about the bloopers of people who weren’t at the event.

after the dinner and the coffee, randy and i stayed a little while longer. he is one of my favourite people, for his devotion to God first and foremost. we talked about work and priorities and satisfaction. we talked about david and then zsolt.

and then, as we lazily gaze at the traffic in makati even at midnight, we talk about everything else.


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